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A better foundation to a better mix

Step up your game with The Gain Changer! This eBook is loaded with information that has helped myself, my colleagues, and countless students that I have met along the way to build a better foundation to a better mix.
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Who Wrote The Book

Build A Better Foundation To A Better Mix

Tom Camp

Founder at Digital Recording School

Tom Camp has been recording, writing, producing, mixing, and mastering since 2005. You will find that his approach to recording is fun and extremely effective. He has developed techniques from both the fundamentals of audio theory and new techniques that you may struggle to learn elsewhere.

Chico The Dog

Vice President of Distribution

Every team has one member that doesn't pull their weight. Chico is that member. He was assigned to edit the eBook, but instead sat around drinking all day and defecated on the rug. He comes in handy when you want to check the high end in your mix or if you have a stuffed animal that needs humping.

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Step up your game with The Gain Changer

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